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Welcome to the world of
Delirious Mind Travelers




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Existing as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the Delirious Mind Universe consists of both Delirious Mind Travelers and Mysterious Delirious Mind Animals. Travelers represent the human experience, highlighting fragments of life that we have seen or been a part of. Residing within the Travelers’ minds are Animals, which represent intangible ideas that affect our state of well-being — with the first, Bora Bora Koala, embodying identity and a sense of belonging.

Our aim is to build a strong, tight-knit community that advocates mindfulness, well-being and mental health within the crypto space, in contrast to profit-driven ideals. As decent human beings, we are all more than equipped to provide each other with support, encouragement and companionship.


The NFTs


Delirious Mind Travelers

Unique illustrative art pieces that are all 1/1 hand-drawn, with a 1/1 backstory in its metadata. Based on personal experiences and incorporating elements of surrealism, they provide a fantastical lens to view the world around us. Total mint count of 300.

Holding a Delirious Mind Traveler NFT unlocks:

  • Access to locked channels in the Delirious Mind Travelers Discord 

  • Admission to all community-exclusive events

  • Whitelist + free mint access for every future Animal species drop 

  • Ability to burn Animals NFTs to bring them into real world (physical limited edition vinyl toys, all individually numbered)

  • Access to exclusive limited-edition versions of vinyl toys and other physical products through raffles and quests


Bora Bora Koala

The first species of Mysterious Delirious Mind Animals. A mix of 1/1 themed koalas and generative art composed of 9 different traits, with a total mint count of 5,000.

Holding a Mysterious Delirious Mind Animal NFT unlocks: 

  • Access to locked channels in the Delirious Mind Travelers Discord (same ones that Mind Traveler holders have access to)

  • Admission to all community-exclusive events

  • Whitelist access for the subsequent Animal species release



Our core focus is building a supportive, tight-knit community within the crypto space, activated through community events and high-quality physical art collectibles. Our plans so far:


Vinyl toys release

Discord launch

Pre-launch events

Physical advertising in global financial center

Right after launch

Rarity listing

Community events
Holder-exclusive vinyl toys release
Treasure Hunt

In the works

Cool merch

Burning mechanism
Discord bots
Artist collabs

Down the line

Second Animal species & vinyl toys
Real-life events & meet-ups

Community grant & artist launchpad

Of course, we’re always open to suggestions and ideas from our community.





Creative Lead

Imaginative creator with a knack for picking up new artistic mediums quickly. Broad skill set includes 3D modeling, digital illustrations, sketching, oil paintings, tattooing (seriously!) and now generative art. Well-connected in the designer toy industry.

Twitter | Instagram



Community Lead

Passionate storyteller who is always in the loop on what’s new. 4 years of experience in social media and digital marketing for global brands, can’t stay off Twitter. Proud Cool Cat owner.




Developer Lead

Resident tech guru on everything from electronics to website coding, now transitioning to web3 with full stack blockchain development. Real life hero who once wrote a program to help his colleagues automatically fill in paperwork. Makes things run smoothly.



Strategy Lead

Business-savvy Swiss army knife with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Extensive experience building organizations from the ground level based on natural-born leadership skills and visionary foresight.