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Delirious Mind Travelers

wen mint?
whitelisted peeps: 13 Jan 11am HKT / 12 Jan 10pm EST
general public: 13 Jan 11pm HKT / 10am EST

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wut diz?

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Fed up with projects where the chat is dead and #general is filled with ‘wen moon’ and ‘can devs do something’ spam? Help us build something different in the crypto space, with a positive community of frens focused on gains in terms of each other’s well-being both online and offline (go get some fresh air, you degens). Plus, we have IRL art (vinyl designer toys) that you can’t “right click save as”.

Delirious Mind Universe → Delirious Mind Travelers (all 1/1s, kinda like genesis mint) + Mysterious Delirious Mind Animals (different species)

Blockchain: Ethereum
Token standard: ERC-721

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not another 10k PFP

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Delirious Mind Travelers

The art speaks for itself: looks rare, because it IS rare. 1/1 hand-drawn PFPs in a unique style, plus we took the time to write 1/1 backstories as well (cool, huh?).  Total mint count of 300. 


  • Access locked Discord channels

  • Community event access

  • Whitelist + free minting for every future Animal species drop 

  • Access burn mechanism to turn Animals NFTs into limited-edition physical vinyl toys, all individually numbered

  • Access other limited-edition cool shit

  • GMI


Bora Bora Koala

The first species of Mysterious Delirious Mind Animals. Generated with lots of love with millions of combinations (that you don’t care about lol), total mint count of 5,000 with some 1/1s thrown in. Deflationary (please burn the floor ones, not the 1/1s).


  • Access same locked Discord channels

  • Community event access

  • Whitelist for next Animal species drop only

  • Corresponding vinyl toy exists (for sale before NFT launch!)

  • Also GMI

milestones? forget it

We’ve planned some fun events for the community and also already made ready-for-sale high-quality physical art collectibles but eh, probably nothing. Here’s our not-exactly-a-roadmap:


Vinyl toys release

Discord launch

Pre-launch events

Physical advertising in global financial center

Right after launch

Rarity listing

Community events
Holder-exclusive vinyl toys release

In the works

Cool merch

Burning mechanism
Discord bots
Artist collabs

Down the line

Second Animal species & vinyl toys
Real-life events & meet-ups

Community grant & artist launchpad

Of course, we’re always open to suggestions and ideas from our community.

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JPEG creators

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Creative Lead

Über-talented Hong Kong-based artist who works in different mediums: 3D modeling, digital art, oil paintings, tattooing and now generative as well. ‘Leng jai’ means ‘handsome guy’ in Cantonese. Go pump his Twitter/IG follower count!

Twitter | Instagram



Community Lead

Writer by trade, reader by nature. Best skill is being a good listener. Tries hard to always be positive and see the best in people. Tweets are half serious, half shitposting (like this website lol). Oh and #WLTC




Developer Lead

Our dev who tackles the coding and blockchain stuff. Probably the Ringo Starr of the group; not too social but we’ll get him to show up in our Discord from time to time I guess. If a cult fanbase grows then please peer pressure him into starting a Twitter account.



Strategy Lead

Quarterback of the gang who bridges all the key pieces together. Brings the energy plus a dazzling charm and bubbly personality, along with business know-how from his many successful startups. 


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